Man with chest hair bikini top shotgunning a White Claw becomes instant internet icon

Man with chest hair bikini top shotgunning a White Claw becomes instant internet icon
5 Fun Facts About Everyone's Favorite Drink - Beer!

A baseball fan became an instant meme when clips of his freshly trimmed chest hair became a viral hit online.

As Arkansas and Auburn faced each other for an SEC elimination game showdown in the College World Series, the camera crew couldn't take their eyes off a man named Tim – who got creative with his shape-up by shaving his body hair into a bikini top.

He certainly took advantage of his newfound fame and chugged a beer live on air.

When posed with the question, "why?" Tim hilariously told reporters: “So this all started back in memorial day weekend; I do this because I’m a legend.

"Not really, I’m just a kid that doesn’t care in life, and I was like, ‘Oh, I’m going to the CWS can I sit next five to first base?’ Why not re-shave it?”

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Of course, people turned to Twitter to hail the "awesome chest hair guy".

Meanwhile, others wanted it to stop...

Sporting events are a breeding ground for viral moments, especially where there's Kiss Cams involved. Take this incredibly awkward moment that went excruciatingly wrong:


who gonna tell him #canuckshockey #vancouver #fyp #kisscam

TikTok user @ahgahoeee took to the platform with the clip that showed the Kiss Cam panning from couple to couple. The first few played along, but things soon got interesting when it hit a pair of strangers sitting in the crowd with an empty seat between them

While the woman wasn't too sure with the idea at first, she soon agreed to kiss the stranger after being egged on by the crowd.

The camera then moved on to other couples, but things didn’t finish there.

The woman's partner returned to the seat, seemingly confused. “It’s going to be an interesting ride home,” the announcer said.

Now, there's some things you simply cannot unsee.

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