Stop what you're doing and watch the best Christmas advert of 2016

Stop what you're doing and watch the best Christmas advert of 2016

Unless you're currently watching the best Christmas advert of 2016, you need to stop what you’re doing and watch the best Christmas advert of 2016.

Polish online auction website Allegro has managed to make a heartwarming, non-cheesy ad that could also be seen as a nod towards this year’s EU political shenanigans, if you look hard enough.

It has all the ingredients of a great Christmas ad: an elderly man, a dog, a whistling kettle and a rubber duck.

The ad starts with Robert receiving a book and tape titled English for Beginners.

And Robert embarks on his quest to learn English immediately; mainly the phrases:

I am, you are, he, she, it is

I love you. You are perfect

He puts Post-it notes on the mirror, the fridge, the window, his mug, the bathroom wall and his confused dog.

He listens to the tape on the bus, in the bath and as he nods off on his armchair.

Then, he packs his pyjamas, toothbrush and leaves his dog behind as he gets on a flight to England.

A taxi takes him from the airport to a festive-looking house, where a man and woman silently greet him.

Then, a suspicious toddler comes to greet him and, in perfect English...

Well, we won't ruin the end for you, you'll just have to watch. We promise it's worth it...

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