The UK has gone into annual meltdown over the John Lewis Christmas ad

The annual John Lewis Christmas advert was released on Friday at 8am on YouTube, which of course means that people up and down the country are either fighting back tears, or complaining about the ubiquitous coverage of an advert.

The 2015 campaign focussed on loneliness, featuring a girl who spies a lone man on the moon through her telescope, to whom she attempts to send a gift.

It's as calculatedly tearjerking as you'd expect.

Twitter, as usual, failed to come to any kind of consensus on the topic of the day, with reactions ranging from the innocently enthusiastic:

... to the completely indifferent...

to the overtly cycnical:

It didn't take long for the first inevitable parody account to be born:

We're just wondering how he gets wi-fi up there.

Finally, spare a thought for poor @JohnLewis, who must be getting really tired of the yearly struggle.

Hang in there, John.

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