Matchmaking Is Making A Resurgence In The Dating World

Comedian Claire Parker has some hilarious advice for women in their 20s: the goal isn't to date your crush, it's to make them work for you later down the line.

In a viral TikTok clip that's garnered over 4.7 million views, Parker introduced a man named Sam, her college crush.

"This is Sam. I met him in college as a freshman and I had a crush on him because he was the resident DJ at 1 OAK and I thought that was very cool at the time," she said.

Parker said nothing ever materialised between the pair because he was "too cool" for her.

"So what did I do?" she rhetorically asked, before answering: “I worked on my personality. I found a passion. I doubled down on my career. And 12 years later we reconnected, and he became my manager. And now I’m engaged to somebody I love."

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If i could give young women one piece of advice

However, plot twist: Sam is not the person she is engaged to, he's her business manager.

"I’m not interested in him at all romantically, but he works for me. And every single day I wake up and think about the man I love," she explained.

Parker continued, "[Sam] laughs at my stupid jokes because he has to, because his money is involved in my money and he’s constantly thinking about me," she said, adding, "and that’s how you play the long game."

She left viewers with the motto: "The goal is not to have them date you. The goal is to have them work for you."

Thousands of fellow TikTokers headed to the comments, with one turning the attention to Sam's reaction: "He went from flattered to confused to insulted in a nanosecond."

Another joked: "Sam’s going to bed re-thinking is whole life after this one."

"This escalated in the best possible way," a third added.

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