Coffee served on a shovel due to coronavirus in a viral video from Italy

If you love coffee you'll appreciate that not even a lethal virus can get in the way of your daily dose of caffeine.

However, this could prove a problem in a country like Italy where a morning espresso is as popular as a bowl of cereal.

What happens then when the entire country is in lock down but people still need their coffee?

Well, a viral video from Florence shows that one cafe has resorted to handing out coffee on a literal snow shovel. Yes, you read that correctly, a snow shovel.

This video has already been viewed more than 82,000 times on Twitter and people can definitely relate to this need for a coffee fix.

While this would seem to be a unique solution to the problem of spreading the virus, we're sure that the man serving the drink probably touched the cup at some point.

Still, you've gotta love people's sense of humour in such a crisis.

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