People are trolling anti-vaxxers with hilarious vaccine analogies

Most of us are excited for a coronavirus vaccine to become widely available and help bring us back to relative normality.

Promising reports from various clinical trials sparked optimism that the deadly pandemic might finally be brought under control in the coming months.

But there are concerns that a small minority of people who will be eligible for a vaccine will refuse to have one.

To those people, Julian Popov had the perfect response.

Other people used similar analogies.

Of course, it’s entirely reasonable to read up on whichever vaccine you’re encouraged to take.

Contrary to some anti-vaxx misinformation, vaccine ingredients are readily available online and their developers won’t try to discourage you from seeking them out.

Vaccinations also undergo a series of rigorous trials before being rolled out to the public. Information about this is also publicly available.

When the vaccines do become available, it is likely some people will try to spread further misinformation and contradict the scientists and doctors who encourage us to take them.

We’d rather listen to the people who’ve worked overtime throughout 2020 to try to keep us safe.

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