Man expects girlfriend to pay half his mortgage after learning how much she earns

Man expects girlfriend to pay half his mortgage after learning how much she earns
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A woman has revealed that her boyfriend asked her to pay half of his mortgage after deciding to move in together.

In a post on Reddit’s 'Am I the A**hole' forum, a 22-year-old woman explained that she and her boyfriend have been together for a year and a half.

The pair recently decided to move in together in his house that he bought just before they began dating and thought it would be a good time to discuss finances.

She explained: “He’s a doctor and I’m a social media manager. He told me how much he makes and it was more or less what I expected.

“When I told him how much I make, he kind of laughed and said I’m supposed to tell him how much I make per month, not per year.”

Her boyfriend was shocked to learn that his girlfriend earns approximately 150 per cent of his salary. She explained that she doesn’t live a lavish life and you wouldn’t know she earns that much.

She continued the story, writing: “Once the initial shock wore off, he said that’s great, because now I can pay half of his mortgage.”

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His remark left her “taken aback” and she explained that she wouldn’t pay his mortgage but would contribute to the house in other ways, like paying for utility bills and groceries.

She also explained that, if they happened to break up, he would still have a house but she’d have nothing to show for paying half a mortgage.

Her compromise of offering to pay to nicely furnish the house was refused and still insisted she pay half the mortgage.

She wrote: “He said that I still need a place to live, and that if I was going to be paying rent anyway, paying his mortgage would be the same thing. He said I’m being an A-hole for not wanting to pay it.

“My boyfriend is a smart man so I don’t know if he doesn’t see the logic (or lack thereof in my opinion) of what he’s saying or if I’m being dumb and it’s not a big deal.”

People in the comments were firmly on the girlfriend’s side of the argument.

One person wrote: “NTA [not the a**hole] the only way you pay half the mortgage is if you’re on the actual mortgage.”

Another replied: “Yikes. He is demanding you pay for his house and you guys are only 1.5 years into dating? It sounds a bit like his ego was hurt after learning how much you make and his retaliation is trying to guilt you into this. Don’t do it.”

Someone else commented: “NTA. I think what’s bugging you is that he made a declarative statement about you making half of his mortgage payment without asking you. That’s how I read it.”

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