Dad left fuming after neighbour sarcastically 'congratulates' him on mowing the lawn

Dad left fuming after neighbour sarcastically 'congratulates' him on mowing the lawn
Burglar breaks into house, mows lawn, steals lawnmower
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A man was left fuming after receiving a passive-aggressive letter from a neighbour over the state of his garden.

The anonymous man posted a picture of the letter he received, sarcastically congratulating him after he mowed his lawn, on the Reddit sub r/mildlyinfuriating.

In the letter unsigned, the neighbour took aim at the state of the man’s garden and gave them pointers on how frequently to cut the lawn.

They wrote: “Congratulations! You mowed. That's twice so far this year, I believe.

“Can you keep it up? Maybe weekly? Or at least every other week?

“Your neighbours would be very grateful if your house did not look like it was abandoned.”

Giving more context as to why the garden hadn’t been tended to as much, the man explained in the post that he has been single-handedly looking after his newborn and five-year-old child after his wife suffered complications post-birth and was recovering in hospital.

He explained: “I haven’t been able to care for my yard as much as I would like over the past few months because we had our second child back in February and I’ve been single-handedly caring for the newborn and our 5-year-old while my wife has been in the hospital recovering from postpartum complications.

“At no point has my yard been out of compliance with city or HOA [ Home Owner Association] ordinances, and at no point has anyone bothered to approach me directly about the matter.

“Instead, we just received this anonymous passive-aggressive letter in the mail.”

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The man also shockingly revealed that the letter had been posted through the mail service so the anonymous sender didn’t have to put their cowardly letter in the man’s mailbox themselves.

He continued: “They even postmarked it and sent it through the mail, rather than walking a few doors down and speaking to me like a human being.”

In response to his post, the man received a lot of support from users in the comments as well as some suggestions of what he could do to further annoy his nosy neighbour.

One user suggested: “Only mow parts of your lawn at a time so it's always uneven and looks sloppy.”

Someone else said: “Mow in a bizarre pattern or leave little Mohawks by not overlapping. That will drive this type A crazy!”

“Get a couple of sheep. No need to mow ever again,” another suggested.

Another Redditor wrote: “You should put up a No-Mow May sign.”

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