People think the David Attenborough boat looks like Hulk Hogan

Remember the Boaty McBoatface? Simpler, painfully British times when we all banded together to give a new boat the most annoying name ever?

Now named the still very British but less annoying Sir David Attenborough, it turns out that the boat actually does have a face.

Not just any face, but...Hulk Hogan's face.

Twitter user Richard Innes pointed out that the red boat teamed with small windows and a suspiciously moustache-like bow make the boat look exactly like the legendary wrestling figure himself.

People soon started joking about it on Twitter, with one person saying "Sometimes the McBoatface has been right in front of you the whole time."

Others were mostly just upset that the boat had been renamed, going against the will of the people.

We honestly can't wait to see David Attenborough in the corner of his boat as it battles Hogan for the rights to their respective images at next year's Wrestlemania.

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