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David Cameron bowed out of office and public life last year faster than you can say “red white and blue Brexit”.

But, thanks to his wife Samantha, we can still get in insight into the life of the man who will forever be known as "the one that had that disasterous referendum".

In an article for Harper’s Bazaar, a journalist revealed a paticular item the couple have in their Cotswold holiday cottage that will make some people's stomachs turn.

Lucy Halfhead wrote:

A placard that reads ‘Calm down dear it’s only a recession’ leans up against the window behind the sink.

That’s right, Cameron really has a placard saying that. And there’s so much wrong with it.

The “Calm down dear” is a nod to 2011, when Cameron was criticised for telling MP Angela Eagle to do just that during a PMQs.

And the recession part, well, the millions of people affected by Cameron’s austerity probably won’t find that so funny.

But it doesn’t end there.

The journalist also spotted, in a pile of books,the Enid Blyton parody Five on Brexit Island.

It would seem Cameron is using comedy to overcome what many would call his disorderly end to his time in office.

The article didn't go down to well with the internet. Surprisingly.

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