This David Cameron tweet just keeps getting worse and worse

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David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister almost three years ago. The former Conservative leader left his post after leading the losing side of the referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union.

A year earlier he was presiding over a general election victory against Labour's then leader Ed Miliband. Days before the crucial vote and just under a year after he'd announce the EU referendum that we're still trying to figure out right now, he tweeted this:

As his successor Theresa May announces the end of her premiership after three years of absolute Brexit chaos, this tweet has aged very, very badly.

Seriously, the only good thing, really, that has come out of it is that Ed Miliband roasted the Tory party for it, brilliantly changing his Twitter name to "Chaos with Ed Milliband".

Theresa May's resignation as prime minister on Friday morning has prompted a flurry of thoughts and reactions to her time as PM as the public tries to process the new political calamity that we've been thrust into.

Now we are left with a Tory leadership battle in which Boris Johnson is the favourite to become prime minister, as well as the growing influence of Nigel Farage's controversial Brexit Party.

Not very strong or stable is it David? Dare we call it chaotic?

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