We’ve all been living with the Covid for well over a year now and no matter how many lockdowns and restrictions are imposed it keeps coming back and ruining our plans with new variants such as Delta.

Despite the vaccine rollout, Covid cases are on the rise, especially in the United States where new daily cases were as high as 100,000 last week thanks to the Delta variant, which has already spread to 135 countries.

The seriousness of the situation should not be understated but, over the last year and a half, humanity has found a gallows type of humour to revel in and much of that is thanks to memes.

Now a new meme format is showing just how much the Delta variant is ruining people’s plans for the upcoming autumn/fall months and doing so with hilarious consequences.

The meme essentially involves two pictures, mostly from pop culture or everyday life, with one representing a sense of happiness or hope and the other showing despair. That might sound a little complicated and morose but you can never doubt the creativity of people and thus far the memes have been hilarious (if a little bleak).

Even Amanda Knox got involved.

If you’ve ever seen MyGirl with Macaulay Culkin then this one might be a bit too much for you.

There are already hundreds of these on Twitter so, if you want some amusement, go and check them out. The Delta variant might be ruining our plans for the next few months but at least we can still find a way to have some laughs.

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