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The best relationships are all about give and take - and for one couple, that perfect dynamic comes down to one thing.


IT worker Era Golwalkar recently tweeted out a photo of her very detailed shopping list, which she gave to her husband.

It includes tomatoes - some yellow and some red - as well as bhindi that isn't too soft or too hard, and medium-sized potatoes.

She explains that her husband "isn't a foodie," but she's pretty particular about food:

In a follow-up post, her husband Guarav shared the handy vegetable chart Era had made for him.

Era told the BBC:

After Gaurav and I got married three years ago we decided to split the household chores.

Gaurav was very supportive and was ready to learn cooking (which is not common for a lot of men in India). But there was one problem. I wasn't aware of back then - he had no experience with anything related to cooking.

When I first sent him to purchase vegetables, it was an epic fail and an argument ensued between us. The second time was no better. Nor was the third.

She explained that vegetable vendors picked up on Gaurav's naivety and started selling him spoiled vegetables.

Her guide helps Gaurav spot the right vegetables and pick the best quality ones, and Era said others can relate.

Looking at the reactions on social media. I've noticed that most married women globally are able to relate to this.

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