Michaella Wallace

An awesome dad has gone viral after he took the time to nurse a dog’s favourite toy back to health.

Student Michaella Wallace was away at college in Pennsylvania when she received a message from her dad Terry saying he had some sad news: their dog Lucky’s toy bear had had an accident outside their home.

“He might have passed,” Terry added in a family chat which Michaella later posted on Twitter.

But after Michaella’s mum brought the toy, which is known as Lucky’s baby, inside, things took a turn for the better.

Terry wrote:

I found a slight pulse. I’m doing CPR.

Terry then proudly announced he had saved the toy’s life, and sent Michaella a picture of dogs Lucky and Laci watching over the patient as it recovered.

The bear was even fitted with a homemade drip.

Michaella explained her dad wanted to do something to cheer her up as she returned to college, hence the messages.

She told the Press Association:

With the first week of classes starting my dad wanted to send me a little something for a pick-me-up.

He didn’t just succeed in cheering Michaella though as her tweets went viral, putting a smile on faces all over the world.

Michaella said the incident was entirely in character for her dad.

My dad’s been doing things to make my mom and I laugh my whole life. He always has gone the extra mile to bring a connection between the three of us.

His time he gets to spend with us has always been limited due to his work schedule, so he has always tried to make the best of it.

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