Trump asked Lindsey Graham to tell everyone he was really good at golf, book claims

Donald Trump suggests he is 'perhaps the most honest human' ever

Former President Donald Trump demanded that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) tell reporters that he was really good at playing golf during a press interview, according to a new book.

At the time, Trump had been speaking with New York Times journalists Jonathan Marin and Alex Burns when Graham called, according to their forthcoming book This Will Not Pass.

The former commander-in-chief put Graham on speaker.

"Tell them about the Trump endorsements," Trump said to Graham, according to an excerpt received by the Washington Post.

Graham, who the authors said had condemned Trump for the January 6 Capitol riots three months prior, obeyed him.

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"President Trump's endorsement is the most consequential endorsement of any politician I've seen in my 20-something years," Graham said.

Then the whole performance continued on with Trump asking Graham the following: "Most importantly, would you tell them one thing. Can Trump play golf?"

"If you don't believe it, go play with him," Graham responded.

"Can Trump play golf?" Getty

Later on that day, he reportedly poked fun at Trump behind his back in an interview with the Times reporters.

The South Carolina lawmaker said that Trump was good at conversation if "it's about him."

The conversation transpired months after last year's insurrection when Graham, who was a vocal ally for Trump in Congress, said, "count me out" of the former president's circle over the events that happened on that horrific day.

However, he's since changed his tune, like many of his fellow Republicans in Congress.

Since Trump left the White House, Graham has said he still keeps in contact with him, especially on the golf course.

Despite this, his loyalty had not saved him from Trump calling him out when he disagreed.

Trump called Graham a "Republican In Name Only" as recently as February for breaking away from him on whether the January 6 rioters should receive a pardon.

The book also stated that Graham reportedly plead with his GOP colleagues to be patient with Trump regarding the stolen election claims in 2020.

He also reportedly spoke with the ex-president on the Saturday the 2020 election was called for President Joe Biden.

Trump apparently tried to redirect the conversation to an upcoming golf game he had set up with a professional player.

British television personality Piers Morgan also recently recalled using the sport to appease an angered Trump enough to sit down for a previously planned conversation.

Morgan, who wrote for The Sun,was due to speak with Trump at Mar-a-Lago for his new show when someone apparently slipped Trump a list f the adverse comments Morgan has made about him.

Morgan described Trump as 'almost foaming at the mouth' and said he called him 'disloyal' and 'fake.'

He told Trump: 'I'd love to talk about your recent golf hole-in-one.'

Morgan also added that professional golfer Ernie Els was "raving" about the move and said Trump "played very well."

Asked if that was his first hole-in-one, Trump replied: 'No! I've had seven.'

Morgan found the sentiment "implausible' but congratulated him nonetheless.

Last month, Trump boasted about another supposed "hole-in-one" through his political action committee.

"While playing with the legendary golfer, Ernie Els...Ken Duke and Mike Goodes, both excellent tour players, I made a hole-in-one," he said, in part.

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