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Something's amiss here. You've usually had palpitations by now. Or a sore head from slamming it against a hard surface.

Or ripped a vocal chord from screaming into a pillow.

What's different? What's changed in the world.

The president hasn't been tweeting. For a while now.

Over 24 hours since.

And he's been doing it less.

Before entering office, as president-elect, the idea was floated that the tweet happy candidate take it easy.

In December he told the New York Daily News he would:

Tweet less if the press cover me accurately and honourably.

Perhaps the president thinks the media is doing a better job.

When he next tweets, he'll praise the 'UNFAILING NEW YORK TIMES'.

In a way this is almost worse. It makes you wonder what on earth could be going on that's more important to Donald Trump than Twitter.

Please mister President, will you tweet? Just for us?

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