A map of the world according to Donald Trump

David Buchanan/Reddit

From “America first” isolationism, to threatening nuclear war, Donald Trump’s world view and foreign policy positions can be difficult to decipher.

So one Reddit user has helpfully created a map of the world according to Donald Trump, where the size of each country corresponds to how many times he's mentioned it.

As you might expect, the map shows Mexico to be disproportionately huge, while Russia is surprisingly small.

Iran, meanwhile, has had more mentions than the entirety of South America, Africa and Australia combined.

For those of us whose world geography isn’t quite up to speed, here’s a useful table of the President’s top ten most discussed countries.

David Buchanan collected the data from Trump's 2016 campaign speeches and tweets.

Users were quick to notice Trump's preoccupation with Middle Eastern and European countries, in contrast to his apparent disinterest in the third world.

Many thought it strange that Russia had relatively few mentions given its place in the news.

Some Redditors were even a bit miffed their own country had so few mentions - although came to the conclusion this was probably a good thing.

However, someone did leap to Trump's defence:

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