Hundreds of waddling ducks block road in Philippines

While out on the roads, there are plenty of hazards that could hold you up and cause you to arrive late to wherever you’re heading, but we bet ducks have never crossed your mind as one of them.

Turns out they very much could be, as a viral clip showing hundreds of ducks surrounding a car has amazed the internet.

The video was posted on Reddit’s r/Damnthatsinteresting sub with the caption, “Hundreds of ducks surrounding one particular car”. It has 65,500 upvotes from users who couldn’t believe their eyes.

In the clip taken from inside another vehicle at the scene, a flock of hundreds of ducks could be seen circling a white people carrier.

The birds were moving in a circular anti-clockwise direction and left the car unable to move at all. Meanwhile, other cars waited behind it as the huge flock blocked the road in both directions.

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In the comments, people saw the funny side of the situation and began cracking lots of duck-themed jokes.

One person wrote: “‘Why were you late today?

“‘It was the ducks, sir’.”

Another wrote: “Yeah the man in the car is selling quack.”

Someone else said: “I’ve seen something like this before the queen duck is trapped in that car and the rest of the hive is trying to save her.”

“Tell them to slow down before they create a quack in the space time continuum,” another wrote.

One added: “Must have done something fowl.”

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