Unbelievable footage captured of an eagle flying through the window of a moving car

Unbelievable footage captured of an eagle flying through the window of a moving car
Injured serpent eagle flies into moving car as driver films a holiday ...

This is the unbelievable moment a vlogger was photobombed by an injured serpent eagle that flew in through the open window of his MOVING car.

Renante Balbuena, 33, was filming his first ever vlog while on holiday in Tanay, Rizal, Philippines.

He planned to take some video of the beautiful mountains and naturefor his YouTube channel, when the bird literally crashed into his car.

Renante, a restaurant and hotel server from Charleston, South Carolina, USA, said: “I set up the GoPro inside my car and started describing my vacation, then out of nowhere the bird crashed through my car!

“I was in shock for a few seconds but I knew it wouldn’t hurt me. I was just trying to understand why on earth a bird would fly into my car!”

Renante noticed that the eagle was injured when he saw its blood on his car seat. He saw that the left wing was badly wounded and missing a few primary feathers.

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He said: "I closed the window so he didn’t injure himself more and grabbed a towel I had in my backseat to wrap him up.

“I put it on my legs and went home to get in touch with my cousin, who is a vet.

“My cousin prescribed some medicine for it whilst I cleaned the wound and tried to feed it.

He added: “I’m not an animal expert but it looked like something had bitten it.

After dedicating a few days to care for him, feeding him fish, fruits and even meat, the eagle began to eat.

Renante said: “I was so happy and excited to see him eating.

“I love animals so much - cats, dogs, chickens, you name it! Sometimes my mom hates me because I adopt all kinds of animals.

“I found out online that he was a Philippines Serpent Eagle, which is an endangered species and needs to be in the wild.

“I wished I could pet him, but I didn’t want to stress him and cause him to not eat, so I put a blanket over the cage and left him overnight."

The eagle was ready to be released after four days, so Renante called his fiance and asked for her help.

He said: “My fiance helped film me releasing the bird with a GoPro, her phone and a drone.

“When I tossed him I said ‘You’re healed now, fly high and free my friend. God sent you to me and you could be my genie in a bottle. Please help me become successful'!

“I felt goosebumps after he left.”

Renante has had a very difficult life and believes the eagle was a sign that things are going to get better for him.

He said: “My father and baby sister passed away in 2019 so I left the Philippines to move to America and start a new life. I work seven days a week to provide for my family back home.

“The video has received so much attention and it is really exciting - maybe this could be the start of my YouTube career!

“I love making videos and posting them on my YouTube channel, LittleBandido. I don’t have perfect content and no one is really watching but I'm still going to post.

“I want to do youtube full time so I can go back to the Philippines and be with my family. I miss them every day and wish for a time I can spend Christmas and birthdays with them.

“I am a man with hard falls, but I’m still standing tall.

“I think that your positive actions, combined with positive thinking, always result in success.”

SWNS reporting by Jessica Hehir-Smith

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