Did Eminem take his lyrics about Gen Z trying to cancel him from a TikTok?

Did Eminem take his lyrics about Gen Z trying to cancel him from a TikTok?
Eminem is being tipped to headline Glastonbury's Pyramid Stage next year
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Eminem has sparked a generation war between millennials and Gen Z, with older fans accusing Gen-Zers of trying to cancel the rapper.

Eminem returned in 2024 with his new single 'Houdini' which saw several celebrity namedrops. One of which included Megan Thee Stallion: "If I was to ask for Megan Thee Stallion if she would collab with me/ Would I really have a shot at a feat?"

There was also mention of R Kelly, as the 51-year-old rapped: “In the coupe leaning back my seat/ Bumpin’ R. Kelly’s favourite group the black guy pees."

Since his return, fans have jumped on TikTok with claims Gen Z are trying to cancel him. But, they have since hit back with a simple message that "literally no one is trying to cancel Eminem."

Millennials have even created their own raps to defend the rapper over the imaginary beef.

One of the most prominent clips across social media platforms is from a rap curated in 2021.

In the song, the TikToker raps: "Listen little kiddies let me make this quite clear / This man was around even before you were here"

Some Gen-Zers have since called it out as cringe.

Two years later in his track 'Realest,' Eminem sang: "Gen-Zers actin' like rap experts zip up your gaps and close your mouths / B**** you ain’t been on this planet long enough to tell me how rap’s supposed to sound."

People have since speculated whether the 51-year-old rapper stole the lyrics from the viral TikToker Cassie (@cassiebessette607).

However, given the responses demanding people to "take her phone away," chances are he simply jumped in on the action of a beef that seemingly doesn't exist.

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