Euphoria fans are all roasting this hilarious plot hole

Euphoria fans are all roasting this hilarious plot hole
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Sunday night's Euphoria episode still has us reeling from the spectacle of it all... that's theatre for you!

Fans of the HBO drama were able to watch the long-awaited school play from the ultimate sidekick, Lexi Howard. And Lexi left no crumbs!

Though everyone online has been debating for the last few weeks which female TV character would "end" Nate Jacobs, last night's episode saw had Nate shaking with rage in his seat before he stormed out of the auditorium and subsequently dumped Cassie.

(We'd also like to give an honorable mention to Ethan because that man gave us everything—a true artisté).

While the episode left many questions unanswered (like what will Cassie do now that's she's been dumped and is looking for vengeance or will our beloved duo Fezco and Ashtray live through the finale?) Euphoria fans finished the seventh episode of the second season with one major question: How on earth did Lexi get the budget for her play?

It's a major plot point that has people perplexed on social media, and honestly, it's a pretty valid question.

"Lexi using half the school’s budget to fund this expensive ass production for her play, I just know a few extracurriculars got shut down," wrote one user.

"Can we talk about lexi’s budget for her play? bc how the did she manage to make an exact replica of everyone’s room?!" read another tweet.

"Lexi is laundering money or smth cause this play budget MATERIAL GWORLLLL," wrote another person.

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While fans are laughing about the many theories there are about how Lexi got the funds for her high school production that was honestly Broadway worthy. We spotted one theory on Twitter that would make our Fexi dreams come true...

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