Everyone is mocking this advert of a banker with the same joke

Chartered Banker has launched its Young Banker of the Year 2016 award, and put up posters around the underground to promote it.

The competition asks young bankers to submit business proposals and new ideas for their institutions and the industry as a whole.

The posters advertising the competition, which closes Friday 29 April, have been along a certain theme, which although mostly innocuous...

...featured a male hipster-bearded banker in a crouched pose over the city.

And all the people made all the obvious jokes:

Some queried how this ever got submitted as a good idea:

Others made crappy jokes:

It got to the point that the poster has now been corrected for the internet's benefit, with the canny use of photoshop:

Although it's understandable with the latest additions to the London skyline:

Original picture: Getty
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