Everyone should see these cartoons about how society treats sexual consent

Alli Kirkham is a cartoonist from Los Angeles. When the editors at the Everyday Feminism site asked for a comic on consent, she said she immediately volunteered.

She came up with seven three-panel comics on the theme of "what if we treated all consent like society treats sexual consent", and they went massively viral, being shared more than 140,000 times and counting.

Speaking to i100.co.uk, Alli said consent was a very important issue to her.

It's not really something that I was taught in school and I wanted to make it obvious that there's a huge double standard about how we as a culture handle consent and engage in victim blaming.

It's sad to me that there are still so many people who don't understand consent but I think that's changing - we're starting to see more discussion of affirmative consent and more attempts to stop victim blaming, and that's really recent, which is why it's important to keep educating people about what isn't OK when it comes to consent.

And I am so, so happy that the comics have gone viral the way that they have - people from all over the world have contacted me requesting permission to translate the comics, and people from sexual education programs have been asking me if they can use it as a resource for teaching teens about consent, and that's perfect - that's the ideal, that more people will see this and learn how to articulate why sexual consent is important.

You can see all the cartoons below:

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