If you've ever shared one of these images, you need to delete it immediately

If you've ever shared one of these images, you need to delete it immediately

What with the proliferation of 'fake news' websites on Google and Facebook, we thought we'd remind you of all the fake images you've probably been inadvertently sharing too.

If you've shared any of these, it's probably time to go back and delete them.

1. This image of Abraham Lincoln

This is not Abraham Lincoln. In fact the head of the American president was placed on the body of John C Calhoun, a South Carolina poltician. Why? Probably to mess with you.

2. This image of JFK and Marilyn Monroe

Let's hear it one more time: there are no known intimate photos of John F Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe.

3. This 'seven-headed-snake'

No, it's just got the one head:

4. The' Angel of Kobane' who killed over 100 Isis fighters

The Kurdish woman's photo was shared all over social media with the claim she's killed over 100 Isis militants. However a Swedish photographer who met the woman found out she was a former law student who volunteered with the home guard. As she wasn't a front line fighter, she probably didn't kill that many (or any at all).

5. This 'baby polar bear'

This is, at best, a doll. Not only do the features look plastic, but baby polar bears are born almost completely hairless.

A baby polar bear looks like this:

Picture: Getty

6. 'Rainbow' snake

This is the work of fancy Photoshop. Here's the real image, on the right:

7. The one where Steven Spielberg is posing with a dead dinosaur:

Spielberg was on the set of Jurassic Park but a lot of people on the internet thought he killed a dinosaur. They're still extinct, people.

8. This image of Putin riding a bear


9. The 'longest traffic jam in the world' - the China National Highway 110 traffic jam

Not only has the above image been doctored, but it also isn't in china. The original image is of the I-405 freeway north of Los Angeles, California:

10. Any Alan Rickman image, accompanied by that quote:

He never said it.


HT Quora

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