China is censoring people calling North Korea's leader 'Kim Fatty the Third'

China is censoring people calling North Korea's leader 'Kim Fatty the Third'

Chinese search engines are censoring insulting nicknames levelled at North Korea’s leader - Kim Jong-un - and more specifically, at his weight.

North Korea made a state request to officials in China, politely requesting that people stop calling their leader fat, according to the Associated Press.

‘Kim Fatty the Third’ (Jin San Pang) is apparently one of the favourites, along with 'Kim Fat Fatty' (Jin Pang Pang) or the slightly less catchy 'Kim Abundant the Third' (Jin San Fei).

Searching for Jin San Pang on the search engine Baidu shows no results:

The nickname is particularly popular among younger Chinese generations who tend to look down on Kim, according to AP.

Dr Markus Bell, lecturer in East Asian Studies at Sheffield University, said China might have complied with North Korea's request to avoid worsening relations between the two countries. He told indy100:

Relations between Beijing and Pyongyang have been strained as of late, and there is a feeling among analysts that the Chinese leadership is losing patience with the North Korean leadership.

Beijing's willingness to censor its citizens on behalf of North Korean interests could be read as a gesture to keep things from further deteriorating. China is loathe to alienate an ally it once described as being 'as close as lips and teeth'.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Geng Shuang, said: "The Chinese government stays committed to building a healthy and civilised environment of opinions. We disapprove of any country with insulting and mocking remarks."

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