Bitter man created an online 'female delusion calculator' to mock single women

Bitter man created an online 'female delusion calculator' to mock single women
The home page of the 'Female Delusion Calculator'
Female Delusion Calculator / Home Page

If there's one thing there's no shortage of in the world, it's bitter men with too much time on their hands. Whether it's attempting to stage a coup at the Capitol or creating a sexist website, disgruntled guys will always find bizarre ways to fill their spare time.

The sexist website in question is the 'Female Delusion Calculator' which can be found at, ''.

The site asks 'females' to input their dating preferences: age, race, income, height, and marital status. It then computes how likely you are to meet a man in the US who falls into this criteria.

Additionally, it gives you a 'delusion score' which also serves as a 'cat lady meter'. Depending on how delusional you are, you can get options such as: "easy to please", "down to Earth," "aspiring cat lady", "cat enthusiast", or "you don't belong on this planet".

All great options.

An example of the cat lady delusion scoreFemale Delusion Calculator

According to the about page, the website was started by "a man in North America" who "couldn't help noticing that women often have unrealistic expectations about the man they are looking for. Below average women expect their high quality men to stick around. They don't realize these guys are in high demand."

But the website doesn't do that. Rather, it promotes a dangerously sexist outlook on women that puts the blame on them for a relationship not working out.

The site is also flawed in its data collection. In the 'Stats' section, the creator says they used data from the 2020 Annual Social and Economic Supplement of the Current Population Survey and the 2017-2018 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics.

This means the data includes all self-identifying men, married or not, in the US to determine if the one you're looking for is widely available. But this is unrealistic because you're likely trying to date within a smaller pool of people in a specific part of the country.

Even when you set your dating preferences to single men over the age of 18, making more than the $15K per year, you're still going to end up with a 2/5 delusion score.

We give this website a 5/5 delusional score for thinking this is needed or accurate, "you don't belong on this planet".

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