Amazing video shows Utah restocking lakes with fish dropped from a plane

A video posted to Twitter has gone viral that shows thousands of fish being dropped from a plane– all to help restock the fish population in a remote Utah Lake.

Releasing the fish by air is a more effective way of adding more fish to the lakes because there can be complications when maintaining proper oxygen levels instead of transporting them by vehicle for long distances.

According to Reuters, roughly 35,000 young fish, also called “fingerlings”, can be released in one aerial drop.

Due to their small size alongside the slow fall from the high altitude Utah Division of Wildlife Resources notes a higher chance of survival for the fish.

Once Twitter saw this process in motion, several witty responses came to the forefront.

“I can’t explain why but this f***ing killed me. I just want SpongeBob fish voices over top,” someone wrote.

“Catch me and my fish buddies getting a free flight to Utah and then a short drive to Zion national park,” another added.

A third thought this would be great for a celebration, saying, “I would like to order this service for a birthday party, please.”

Someone else still has concerns for the wellbeing of the fish and said the following: “I’m just … wow. Like what if they get trauma. What if it hurts them. They didn’t say the impact wouldn’t kill some of them. This just seems … in poor taste.”

Here are some other responses to the “fish bombing.”

Reuters also reports that Utah has been utilizing aerial fish stocking since the 1950s. Over 200 remote lakes have been filled within the state.

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