French bulldog meet-up sparks bizarre NYC row that's ended in threats

French bulldog meet-up sparks bizarre NYC row that's ended in threats
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A group of adorable French bulldogs roaming around in a New York City park should be a drama-free event - but some people are not pleased.

A well-known French bulldog meetup at Carl Schurz Park on the Upper East Side has become an issue due to complaints that their weekly gathering, known on Instagram as Frenchies of UES, also makes the dog run a bit unfriendly to other pups.

The hour-long puppy playdate usually occurs on Sundays between East 84th and East 90th streets.

Those not fans of the pooches playing with each other created a protest page called Stop the Meetups, which is also on Instagram and currently has more than 270 followers.

On Tuesday afternoon, the drama escalated when NBC internet culture reporter Kalhan Rosenblatt took her Frenchie named Nacho to the park.

And she chronicled the debate in a Twitter thread.

Rosenblatt defended the meetups and called them "amazing."

She also noted that the meetups are organized by a lone French bulldog owner who "posts meeting dates/times and lets us know if it's too hot or whatever."

"Apparently, this infuriated someone who owns a non-Frenchy and launched a STOP THE MEETUPS account," Rosenblatt.

She also defended the meetups, calling them "honestly amazing, and everyone always has a great time."

"There's usually 15 to 20 French bulldogs each Sunday morning at the park," Rosenblatt.

But those apart of Stop the Meetups, these Frenchie fests are a whole lot of trouble in the doghouse.

Their first post, which was released on June 30 and has since been deleted, claimed that the dogs were over the "25lb limit for the run and other breeds are not able to use it, which is against NYC Parks rules."

The American Kennel Club, the breed should not weigh more than 28 pounds, but some pups may be plumper.

In a post from July 10, Stop the Meetups also alleged that the Frenchie-owners were discriminatory. "Many people reported that they got weird looks from the host … when they entered without a Frenchie," they wrote.

(Rosenblatt's Twitter thread noted that all small dogs are welcome to come to the meetups and many mutts visit.)

Things even got a little more personal as Stop the Meetups attested that "The owner of the Frenchies of UES account is rude … [and] she 'holds court and acts very holier than thou.'"

Speaking to The New York Post, the creator of Stop the Meetups said that they would bl "be deleting the account due to the amount of physical threats" they have received now that the story has gone public.

The creator also said that both groups have agreed to speak privately and in person in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

They have also penned a goodbye post saying they'd delete the page by the weekend.

The Frenchies of UES account also took to their Instagram to address the "bullying" online.

"With all the unrest and chaos going on in the world right now, we should be celebrating the little moments of joy such as these meetups rather than adding another point of contention between people and the community," she wrote.

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