Who does breakfast better: the Brits or Americans?

The longstanding big breakfast debate has been reignited yet again after one Twitter user shared a side-by-side photo of both traditional breakfasts.

The full English was made up of bacon and sausage paired with eggs, mushrooms, beans, and tomatoes, against the American plate with pancakes, bacon, and butter.

The post, which has prompted thousands of opinionated responses, has quite literally divided the platform.

Americans were astonished by the full English breakfast, with one Twitter user expressing their disbelief by saying, “I genuinely can’t believe the British eats like that.”

Beans on breakfast also caused quite the stir, “Them folks eat beans for breakfast that’s wild,” one said. While another frustrated user added: “Who the hell eating baked beans, tomatoes, eggs, and mushrooms in the morning just to wash it down with a cup of coffee?”

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“Don’t know why anyone with a straight head would want to eat what’s on the right,” one added, referring to the full English breakfast.

“Not even close if you’re asking me to eat 12 tomatoes in addition to a can of beans. the f**k is wrong with that island,” another said.

Meanwhile, Brits jumped to the defence of the classic morning meal.

This wasn’t the first time a British breakfast has sent shock waves across the pond. One “American in the UK” TikTok user was so shocked that she dedicated an entire video to it.

In the clip titled, “things that would FREAK the Americans OUT about the UK”, she said: “what y’all eat for breakfast” is pretty shocking.



“OMG, if they saw the mushrooms, the tomatoes, the baked beans, all of this, the full English, they would absolutely flip out,” she added.

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