Giant iceberg drifts off coast of Canada: 'Looks like the backdrop for a scary movie'

Giant iceberg drifts off coast of Canada: 'Looks like the backdrop for a scary movie'
An Iceberg has come close to the small community called Conche - …

A viral clip of a giant iceberg drifting close to the shores of Newfoundland has left viewers shocked.

Footage taken from land showed an absolutely colossal iceberg just off the coast of the Canadian island on the country’s east coast.

The clip was first posted on TikTok by @emoinuoinam who revealed the video was taken in Conche, Newfoundland and said the iceberg was “getting closer to the community”.

According to National Geographic, the icebergs that drift east towards to coast of Newfoundland are typically bits of Greenland's glaciers that have broken off.

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The stretch of water that goes along the east coast of the Newfoundland and Labrador province is known as “Iceberg Alley”. Compared to the previous three years, the size of these icebergs is on the rise.

On TikTok, the original clip has been viewed 6 million times and has also been shared across social media platforms.


Its getting closer to the community!

One person wrote: “Omg, it looks beautiful but can be dangerous.”

Someone else said: “Oh my goodness that is amazing.”

Another shocked viewer asked: “Like what do you do in this situation?”

“I am from Newfoundland and that’s a nice break and they always come down like that sometimes smaller sometimes huge,” a local person explained.

On Twitter, where the clip was reposted, it has been watched almost 11 million times, stunning plenty more viewers.

“I’ll bet the people in that house got a shock when they opened their curtains,” someone guessed.

Another said: “Wow, that's stunning. Looks like the backdrop for a great scary movie too.”

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