Man rinsed for refusing to get girlfriend birthday gift - despite buying him a holiday

Man rinsed for refusing to get girlfriend birthday gift - despite buying him a holiday
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A boyfriend is under fire for admitting he didn’t buy his girlfriend what she wanted for her birthday, despite her buying him a trip to Turkey.

The 30-year-old man made the unfortunate revelation in a post on Reddit’s Am I the A**hole forum.

In the post, he explained that he struggles to buy gifts for his girlfriend’s birthday so decided to ask her what she wanted.

Initially, she said she just wanted to go for a nice dinner but later said she’s seen a set of Japanese knives that she’d like.

He explained: “The knives were $254 which I think is nonsense to pay for knives since she is not [a] professional cook, she cooks as a hobby. I told her I think it's unreasonable and that I won't buy it for her.”

The girlfriend said it was fine but was allegedly “quiet the whole evening”.

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The man continued the post writing: “When I asked her what happened she told me I shouldn't ask her what she wants if I don't want to take it into consideration. I think it's a bit childish, she gave me one suggestion and I said no. It shouldn't be such a big deal.”

He then went on to explain that money isn’t an issue for them and they both have good salaries and are child-free.

He also noted: “We don't have any limit for the price of the gifts. For my last birthday, she got me a summer trip to Turkey (paid by some benefits from her job).”

The man was subsequently rinsed by fellow Redditors who couldn’t believe he would even question if he was in the right.

One person wrote: “YTA [you’re the a**hole]. She got you a TRIP TO TURKEY and you can’t cough up $250 for a nice set of knives?

“Boy, you had better get those knives delivered TODAY if you ever want to enjoy the results of your girlfriend’s cooking hobby again. You don’t need to be a professional to enjoy nice knives ffs.”

Another agreed, writing: “The only reason why you don't even want to give her those knives is because you think it's 'nonsense' because she is not a professional.

“You asked her what she wanted for her birthday since it's ‘always a problem’' and she answered it and you just... immediately denied her request without even considering it.

“Just buy her the damn knives already.”

Someone else commented: “So lemme get this straight… she provided a trip to Turkey and you’re refusing a knife set? Yeah dude, YTA.”

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