Gordon Ramsay left speechless after MasterChef contestant recreates his signature dessert
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A TikTok account that keeps track of Gordon Ramsay’s best bits has unearthed an uncharacteristically kind response from the kitchen superstar, and fans are getting emotional about it.

The old clip is from season nine of the American version of Master Chef, Ramsay’s cooking competition show. Contestants are asked to prepare dishes in just 45 minutes throughout the series, a difficult task in any circumstance.


But this particular clip shows a heightened scenario: the contestant, Derek, is making Ramsay’s signature dessert, a sticky toffee pudding.

When told what Derek plans to do, Ramsay is visibly aghast.


The dish takes three hours to prepare, he says - and months to master.

Derek says he hopes he can do it anyway, saying he’s going to bake instead of steam the dish.

After a tense 45 minutes, edited down to show the sweat and fear rolling out of Derek, the dish is ready.

The gamble pays off: Ramsay is blown away.


“That was amazing. That was as good as mine,” he tells Derek. “Keep on cooking like that and you are going far.”

Commenters on the TikTok are touched by the incident.

“Imagine your hero telling you you’re as good as them,” one user wrote .”’m gonna cry just thinking about it.”

Cameron Harvey added “Imagine how hard he worked to be able to make that.”

Ramsay is known for being fierce, mean, and highly judgemental. Moments when he gives praise - especially so justly deserved - tend to make fans swoon. In fact, much of this account is an ode to his softer moments.

Here’s hoping Derek is still cooking.

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