People are signing up to have their home cooking brutally roasted by Gordon Ramsay

People are signing up to have their home cooking brutally roasted by Gordon Ramsay

Believe it or not, Gordon Ramsay is on TikTok. So obviously he uses it to roast other people's cooking.

The Masterchef star, known for his ferocious rants and outbursts in the kitchen, selects posts to critique from the hashtag #RamsayReacts.

In one hilarious instalment, he describes food blogger My Nguyen's bell pepper sandwich as an "idiot sandwich".

For those of you who somehow haven't come across this iconic gif: Ramsay once put a slice of bread on either side of Julie Chen's face to make an "idiot sandwich" as part of a skit on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Nguyen took Ramsay's criticisms with good grace, telling Business Insider:

As funny as it sounds, it was quite an honour to be roasted by Gordon Ramsay.

In another #RamsayReacts instalment, the chef described a father and son duo's wagyu steaks as looking like "my grandad's colostomy bag".

And in another he questions whether TikTok star Michelle has ever been to Britain as she makes "British fish and chips".

Michelle, who in fact lives in the UK, regularly trolls Brits with her how-to cooking TikToks.

In one video she makes 'beans on toast' without toasting the bread, and in another she adds whipped cream and sugar to "British eggs".

Perhaps most infuriating of all is her tutorial on how to make a cup of tea using a microwave.

#RamsayReacts videos are now so popular...

...they have even begun to attract parodies themselves.

Ramsay's reaction to Nguyen's video alone has raked in more than 37 million views.

Who had Gordon Ramsay becoming the king of duet TikTok on their 2020 bingo card?

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