Texas home haunted by 'sexual' ghosts who 'talk dirty'

Texas home haunted by 'sexual' ghosts who 'talk dirty'
Texas home haunted by 'sexual' ghosts, landlady claims

A woman has shared that she believes her property is haunted by "sexual" ghosts who "talk dirty."

Homeowner Linda Hill previously rented her property on Denton Street in Gainesville, Texas to tenants but the longest anyone stayed in the house was just six months.

All in all, there have been 10 tenants who have moved in and then promptly moved out of the home in less than 2 years in what Linda described to WFAA news station as a "revolving door."

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Linda and her husband were confused as to why tenants left after such a short amount, but someone then informed the couple that their house was haunted.

Initially, Linda didn't believe this - that is until one time when she was taking a shower.

She recalled how a "dark figure" appeared on the other side of the shower curtain - cue the music from Psycho - though events didn't quite pan out like the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock horror film as Linda heard it whisper: "Looking good."

Not thinking anything of it, Linda simply thought it was her husband paying her the compliment.

(Left) Hill House Manor is now a place for ghost seekers to investigate after tennants were spooked out of the property and homeowner Linda's (right) encounter with a ghostYouTube/WFAA

But that turned out not to be the case when her husband walked in after where he asked who she was talking to and swore it wasn't him that entered before.

People have managed to get audio recordings “where the ghosts can be heard talking dirty in the house," Linda claims and gave example of a ghost's sexual messages: "Oh baby, oh baby yeah, I like it like that".

Linda also shows a door in the property that she has to "pound" shut but somehow "finds a way" to open along with a 19-foot-well underneath the living room" which some “believe [is] a spiritual portal."

It is rumoured about the house previously was a brothel which could perhaps explain the reason behind the sexually frustrated calls from beyond the grave

Now, Linda has turned the house into "Hill House Manor," rebranding the place as a spot for ghost-seekers/hunters to explore.

With Halloween around the corner - would you dare to enter?

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