Here's what the man organising Britain's first small penis party has to say

Here's what the man organising Britain's first small penis party has to say

At four inches erect, Ant Smith’s penis is smaller than average. And it’s taken him a long time to be OK with that.

The 48-year-old first started talking about his penis size two years ago. Since then he has released a poem ‘Shorty’ about his “crooked little finger”, performed around the country and received national press attention.

Now he is organising the first ever ‘Big Small Penis’ party. The cabaret evening is aimed at one thing - making people celebrate “tiny todgers, compact cocks, wee willies, mini members, and dinky dicks”.

“I think it’s really important to maintain a balanced sense of fun. That’s why I’m creating a celebratory party. I’ve got various thoughts on what is a good and what is a bad small penis joke. And I do think humour is a great healer. So I’ll just say ‘keep laughing’,” he tells

Women are welcome to attend and men will pay 50p per purported penile inch at the event in east London, on 7 March - making it a pretty cheap ticket for some.

Documentaries such as Unhung Hero and My Penis and I have already highlighted the issue of smaller genitals. But for Smith, they could do more to promote body acceptance. “They tend to take a very ‘oh my god I have this problem how do I fix it’ sort of approach. And that’s fundamentally misguided. We actually need to be taking the ‘we are what we are, let’s celebrate diversity’ approach,” he says. “For the last two years there’s been a small penis pageant in New York, [but] that’s a relatively small affair.”

And with the average penis size in Britain being 5.5 to 6.3 inches erect, there's still a skewed perception of what is normal.

"You very often read that 5-7 inches is average and that’s such a broad range. People walk away thinking that seven inches is average. It isn’t. I wrote the poem in the first place partly inspired by the fact that one of my friends also told me that they suffered anxiety. They were six inches: there’s absolutely no reason for them to. A lot of what I’m doing is talking to the average man and saying it’s perfectly fine," Smith says.

Part of the reason Smith is so comfortable with his own body is because of the support of his wife. He has been married for 17 years and emphasises “the fact that she loves me helped me come to terms [with his body]".

As for what women and men can do to make their partners feel better about their penis size? “Women tend to say things they think will make a guy feel better, ‘it’s not small it’s big’ or they’ll just say ‘it’s fine don’t worry’ but the guy will think ‘I know it’s not fine, I know it isn’t big’. I think openness and honesty is the number one thing, if a woman sees a guy who is under-average she should say ‘yes, it is under average but that’s not what is important to me.’ There’s a temptation to deny the obvious truth not to hurt a person but actually I think honesty is the only way to move forward.” And his final message to those struggling with their own penis size?

I look back and I think how much time and how much energy have I wasted in my life being worried about something that really doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

My life is so much easier now that this issue is in the open. For me one brave step, one very small brave step can change completely the shape of your life.

To find out more about the Big Small Penis party, click here.

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