This is where your left over soap nuggets could end up
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One of the great perks of staying in a hotel?

Those adorably small complimentary toiletries that everybody steals uses responsibly.

Around the world,millions of bars of soapare disposed of in hotels. Every single day.

And if you've only been there for a week and only used half the bar of soap, where does the rest of it go?

You've all wondered. Of course you have.

Finally, there is an answer as to where your half-used hotel soaps go. Some of it, anyway.

An Orlando-based company called Clean the World is recycling it - to make new soap for charitable causes.

According to Thrillist, around 20 per cent of hotels in America, as well as properties in Macau, Hong Kong and London, are all participating in the initiative.

They pay Clean the World to dispose of the unused soap for them: around 50 cents a room.

They also partner with cosmetic companies such as Unilever to receive their rejected soap.

The soap is then melted down and reformed in warehouses all over the world, in a process called rebatching.

Not only are they saving landfill space, but they're also sending the new soap to poor developing nations.

There, it helps to combat deadly yet preventable hygiene-related diseases like pneumonia and diarrhoea.

The half-used shampoo and body wash bottles are also recycled, and distributed to NGOs and homeless shelters around the world.

Even airlines such as United are donating unused items such as ear plugs and first aid kits.

In 2016 alone, Clean the World made more than 7 million soaps and 400,000 hygiene kits out of your leftovers.

So think twice before pocketing those freebies...

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