Hyde Park forced to remove 'inappropriate' Queen tributes left at Holocaust Memorial

Hyde Park forced to remove 'inappropriate' Queen tributes left at Holocaust Memorial
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Drawings, flowers, and cards were left at Hyde Park’s Holocaust Memorial Garden in honour of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

But, it has caused controversy given the sensitive nature of the site.

Grace Dean, a Business Insider reporter, visited the legendary London park and took to Twitter to share a collection of photos from the memorial garden, where the items for the Queen were left.

“The Holocaust Memorial Garden in Hyde Park has now become a makeshift Queen Memorial Garden,” Dean tweeted.

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The makeshift memorial swiftly gained responses from people, many of whom believed the move was flat-out inappropriate.

One person wrote: “This is absolutely disgusting what the…”

“This is pathetic, embarrassing, and beyond offensive. Some people have absolutely lost the run of themselves,” another added.

A third wrote: “I don’t get the thought process that could lead anyone to do this. appallingly crass.”

Check out other reactions below.

The official Royal Parks Twitter account also responded to Grace’s initial tweet and said: "Good morning, Grace. The team are carefully removing the tributes from the Holocaust Memorial and laying them with the others in the official floral tribute area."

Still, an angered member of the public replied directly to the park.

“No condemnation of these actions then? Just ‘they’re being moved,’” they wrote.

A BBC Local Democracy reporter for MyLondon, who was at the scene, confirmed that the makeshift memorial had been removed.

They also said two stewards were standing in front of the Holocaust Memorial Garden.

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