Influencer shares disturbing supermarket CCTV footage: 'Ladies, please be careful'

Influencer shares disturbing supermarket CCTV footage: 'Ladies, please be careful'
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A woman on TikTok shared disturbing CCTV footage of an incident that happened to her while grocery shopping - and now she's issuing a warning to other women.

Daisy DeLacroix, an OnlyFans creator and bikini barista, generally shares her experiences at work and humorous storytimes for her followers on TikTok.

But the scheduled programming shifted as she posted the footage of a man allegedly groping her in a grocery store on Tuesday (23 August).

And the clip has accrued more than 2.5 million views.

In the footage, DeLacroix can be seen looking at items in a refrigerated aisle when a man walks up behind her.

The man gets up close and personal with her and appears to say something to her.

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This prompts her to swiftly back away, evidently shocked by the incident.

"Today after work, I was grocery shopping, and as you can see in this video, this man walks up from behind, touches my butt, and whispers in my ear, 'What's up, baby?'" the onscreen caption of the video read.

She also said that she didn't know the stranger and that "he tried to play it off."

"I can't stress this enough to please be aware of your surroundings," she added.


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People took to the post's comments section to express their support of DeLacroix, with some sharing their experiences and what they would have done in the situation themselves.

"Bro, my immediate reaction would've been to just swing," one person wrote, while another added: "Pepper spray would [have] been everywhere."

A third wrote: "It doesn't matter what you're wearing. This happened to me in a grocery store also, and I was wearing sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt. He didn't care."

Someone else, who believes the man in the video has done this before, added: "He definitely knew what he was doing; you could see him checking around to see if there's ppl around."

Still, other people have shifted the blame on DeLacroix for her choice of dress — and she clapped back with some statements of her own.

"I'll leave this here since some of you men are outright disgusting in these comments," she wrote.

"I'm wearing a crop top and biker shorts, it's men like you [who] are the problem. And that's just scary!"

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