Influencer slammed for selling $50 t-shirts dyed by her 5-year-old son

Influencer slammed for selling $50 t-shirts dyed by her 5-year-old son
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An influencer from Australia has rubbed some people the wrong way after promoting her son's handmade T-shirts on social media priced between $50 and $60.

Ruby Tuesday Matthews took to her Instagram Stories, writing: "Mars has a few shirts and singlets that we are going to sell here,"

"100 (sic) of the profits go into his piggy bank as he does not have a bank account yet."

She continued: "He just owes me money for the die (sic) and shirts LOL but I’ll let that slide."

The seemingly innocent business venture caused a stir online – especially when it caught the attention of influencer watchdog, Dutch Minty.

“What do you think of @rubytuesdaymatthews selling tie dyed tshirts for $50+ made by her 5 year old?” the account posted, according to AU News.

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"I'm sure she has plenty of spare change she could be putting in her son's piggy bank. $50 for a tie-dye shirt and they tie-dye isn't even that vibrant? Ya joking," one person hit back, while another added: "Yeah bc we’re going to buy shirts to fund a kid's piggy bank, surely gotta be taking the p**s. The physical cringe reaction I had to this."

Others joked about the extinction of old-fashioned lemonade stands.

Despite some negative comments towards the concept, others simply didn't find anything wrong with it.

"I’m all for teaching kids how to make money and save. I believe it needs to be taught from a young age. Makes them appreciate things a lot better. Money doesn’t grow on trees," one person chimes in.

"If her fans want to pay for something her kid did let them! She’s laughing all the way to the bank," a second added.

Indy100 reached out to Ruby for comment.

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