There’s an Instagram account dedicated to the saddest-looking McDonald’s burgers

There’s an Instagram account dedicated to the saddest-looking McDonald’s burgers

The disappointment of receiving an unrecognisable catfish meal in placement of the polished ad is unmatched. Well now, there’s an entire Instagram page dedicated to sad excuses of McDonald’s burgers – and people are lovin’ it.

Boasting over 14,000 followers, @mcsenget is a hybrid name that combines “McDonald’s” and “senget”, the Malay translation of the word “tilted.”

Around five years ago, 27-year-old Ben Chia created the account with friends. They used to visit the famous fast-food chain after band practice but got increasingly annoyed at the “senget” Filet-O-Fish burgers. “It tends to be off,” Chia said.

“With a single bite, there’s no way that you can eat the fish, cheese, and bun altogether. You might end up with some bites that are just the bun, or just the fish,” Chia said. “So there is this mini sense of frustration.”

The inconvenience inspired them to create a private album as an inside joke. Proving popular amongst Facebook friends, they decided to make a move to Instagram in 2020 to share the sad-looking burgers with the world.

Floppy burgers united Instagrammers across the globe, as the page soon started to receive submissions to be published on the page.

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Rogue cheese appears to be a far-too-common theme to be dismissed as a one-off mistake. Chia told VICE he has “seen too many runaway cheeses to ignore the fact that they’re a lot more common than we think.”

One joked that it should be renamed “McPicasso”, referencing the artist’s famed abstract paintings.

“McMonday because idgaf anymore”, another humoured.

“Filet o “I put the cheese on the box instead of the fish” Fish”, another added.

It’s not just McDonald’s burgers getting the wrap. This tired-looking snack inevitably received a series of crud – and rather hilarious – comments.

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