A video showing customers bringing ice to a McDonald’s so staff could make them frappés has divided TikTok.

The video shows a man buying ice from a car park ice cube vending machine as on-screen text reads: “McDonald’s didn’t have ice for a frappé so we got them some.”

The video shows the man getting into a car, before cutting to an employee putting ice into a machine at one of the fast-food chain’s outlets.

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Since it was uploaded four days ago, the video has garnered over 215,000 views and 35,000 likes.


#CapCut @soufsidev0n

A comment with over 3,000 likes read: “Dedicated for that frappé.”

Another commenter asked if they got the frappé for free. The uploader said they did.

“Not all heroes wear capes,” another commenter said.

Another TikToker wrote: “Lmao bro leave them poor workers alone.”

This isn’t the first time customers have been upset by McDonald’s running out of their favourite treats. Their ice-cream machines being down is a meme at this point, and when milkshakes ran out in August people were understandably devastated. 

Supplying your own ice at a restaurant is certainly an interesting variation of BYOB (bring your own beer). BYO….I?

Indy100 has contacted McDonald’s for comment.

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