McDonald’s worker shares astonishing 6,400-item order that came to $7,400

McDonald’s worker shares astonishing 6,400-item order that came to $7,400

McDonald’s is renowned for its quick and convenient fast food. While we hate being that person who holds up the queue with a super-sized order – take a minute to consider the workers who received a last-minute 6,400-item request.

McDonald’s staff member Brittani Marie Curtis (@brittanicurtis23), took to TikTok to share the day she was faced with the task of an insanely large order to be created within four hours. The 22-second clip showed behind-the-scenes footage of Brittani and her colleagues in a race against time.

In the clip, which has since racked nearly half a million views, Brittani said the catering request consisted of 1,600 McChicken sandwiches, 1,600 McDoubles and 3,200 cookies and totalled a staggering $7,400 (£5,000).

“No lie, ya girl is tired”, she captioned the TikTok – and we’re not surprised after she showed viewers 13 boxes filled with the chain’s fast food.

Brittani told curious users in the comments that the order was for a local prison after one user asked, “Who would need that much food?” They are regular customers but generally give more notice, she explained.

Fellow TikTokers flocked to the astonishing clip. Some of which were quick to highlight, “Those are gonna be cold by the time they pick them up.”

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“POV: The sandwiches at the bottom of the box,” another humoured.

Others shared experiences of their own after one claimed, “And then they end up not coming. Yeah, I’ve made them, and I had no one come and get them. Like why would you do that.” To which Brittani responded, “I always make sure to take payment before I ever make any food.”

“And I thought 1,200 kids meals for a kids party was bad,” another said. “Most stressful day of my life back then.”

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