Devilish detail spotted in Ireland's overall Eurovision finish

Devilish detail spotted in Ireland's overall Eurovision finish
Bambie Thug cries as they accuse Eurovision bosses of ‘not supporting them’ …

Ireland’s Bambie Thug provided one of the most memorable entries in the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest – and it turns out there’s a spooky detail to have emerged from the voting and overall result this year.

The 31-year-old singer, real name Bambie Ray Robinson, is one of the breakout stars of the competition which took place on Saturday (May 11).

The performance of the song ‘Doomsday Blue’ featured a dancer made-up to look like a demon, with Robinson performing on a set featuring a pentagram.

As it turns out, there’s a demonic detail in the way the voting turned out too – which Robinson acknowledged in a post on Instagram.

“Beyond proud of myself finished 6th Jury vote, 6th televote and 6th overall - #666,” the caption read.”

It comes after Robinson, who uses they/them pronouns, hit out at the European Broadcasting Union and accused them of using Ireland as “scapegoats” in the controversy surrounding Israel’s participation.

There were protest against Israel taking part, with protests outside the arena.

Robinson was vocal about their pro-Palestine stance during the competition and accused Israeli broadcaster KAN of breaking rules.

Bambie Thug - Doomsday Blue | Ireland 🇮🇪 | Official Music Video | Eurovision

Their performance in the final was thrown into doubt after they failed to attend the last dress rehearsal, as they announced that a situation required “urgent attention” from the EBU.

“So now that I’m free, I can talk about everything right?” they said, as they accused Israeli broadcaster KAN of breaking rules.

“KAN, the broadcaster, incited violence against me twice, three times,” Bambie claimed. “We brought it up to the EBU. They said they’d follow up.

“They waited to the last minute, we still haven’t got a statement back to us, allowed us to be scapegoats, allowed us to be the spokesperson for standing up for ourselves.”

Martin Sylvest Andersen/Getty Images

They continued: “And yeah, the broadcaster has disobeyed the rules and I hope next year they won’t be able to compete because of that.

“And behind the scenes you don’t know the amount of pressure and the amount of work that we have been doing to change things, and I’m so proud of Nemo for winning... because it’s been so hard and I’m so proud of us.”

Bambie concluded by saying they believed that “we are what Eurovision is, the EBU is not what Eurovision is. F*** the EBU, I don’t even care anymore. F*** them.”

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