An entire podcast interview between Joe Rogan and Trump has been created using AI

An entire podcast interview between Joe Rogan and Trump has been created using AI
Comedian parodies Joe Rogan podcast

In a world where AI can be used to create almost any imaginary scenario, a whole podcast episode between Joe Rogan and Donald Trump has been created.

The 32-minute-long artificially created podcast interview between the two controversial figures was posted on YouTube under an account named The Joe Rogan AI Experience – a take on Rogan's famous Spotofy podcast The Joe Rogan Experience.

The video began with a disclaimer that “every single word in this podcast has been generated by AI using ChatGPT”.

Despite the podcast being artificial and the voices of Rogan and Trump not their own, their turns of phrase and topics are surprisingly accurate.

The episode began with Rogan asking: “How are you doing, Mr President?”

Trump replied: “Joe, it’s great to be here. I’m doing fantastic. Just fantastic. The energy in this room is tremendous.”

After discussing UFC, a sport in which Rogan is heavily involved, the artificially-generated chat moved on to talk about Trump being banned from Twitter.

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Joe Rogan AI Experience Episode #002 - Donald

When asked by Rogan how it had affected his life, Trump replied: “Let me tell you, Joe, it’s been a tremendous change. Unbelievable.

“Twitter was a fantastic platform, the best to connect with all my tremendous supporters and get my message out to the masses, the biggest masses you’ve ever seen.

“But since being banned, I had to find alternative ways to communicate, and let me tell you it’s been a real eye-opener, believe me.”

Another part of the podcast saw Trump speaking about his future aspirations and Rogan asking him the specifics of how he is going to make America “great again”.

Trump replied: “Well, Joe, when it comes to specifics, nobody knows more about specifics than me. I mean we’re talking about the best, the absolute best.

“I built one of the greatest businesses in the world and I did it by knowing the specifics, by being the best at the details. And let me tell you, when it comes to making America great again, I have the best plans, the best ideas and I know exactly how to make it happen.”

In the comments, many YouTuber users shared their thoughts on how realistic the podcast episode sounded.

One person wrote: “Straight up! this is the future of podcasts! I’m listening to this and it took a few mins to forget this was generated! fucking excellent!!! thank you!!!”

Another said: “Artificial Intelligence is gonna make me question everything in the future!!”

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