Joe Rogan shot down Mark Zuckerberg's privacy claims in just 10 seconds

Joe Rogan shot down Mark Zuckerberg's privacy claims in just 10 seconds
Mark Zuckerberg criticises Apple over privacy update

Concerns about privacy came up while Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke to Joe Rogan about the future of eyeglasses that can record and capture things.

On Thursday, Zuckerberg unexpectedly joined Rogan to talk about the future of technology and said one day glasses that combine the physical world and virtual reality will be possible.

He mentioned the Ray Ban and Meta collaboration that exists where "you can get a pair of Ray-Ban wayfarers now that have a microphone and they have a speaker and they can take photos and videos and you can post them to Instagram".

The glasses have a small camera in the corner that capture 'good quality' and can be voice activated, according to Zuckerberg.

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Although the glasses sound interesting, Rogan brought up a privacy concern, "Does that bring about privacy concerns if people can just start filming things?" he asked.

Zuckerberg explained there is a light on the glasses that goes on when someone is recording so other people are aware.

"Couldn't you put a piece of tape over the light?" Rogan asked.

Zuckerberg responded, slightly taken off guard, "I mean- I guess in theory."

Online, people joked about the encounter.

Concerns of privacy have engulfed Meta and Zuckerberg in the last five years.

Data breaches and a history of not protecting people's privacy has left Zuckerberg slightly mistrusted by the public. But Zuckerberg and Meta are trying to rebuild that by making privacy policies easier to understand and more accessible.

What they will do for the future of VR glasses and privacy is unclear.

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