Woman sparks debate after getting 'unhinged' tattoo of Johnny Depp's lawyer

Woman sparks debate after getting 'unhinged' tattoo of Johnny Depp's lawyer
Johnny Depp's lawyer has seriously quick objection skills

If like us, you've been obsessed with the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial, you'll have noticed that the fans of a certain Pirates of the Caribbean actor are a little obsessive.

For instance, they've brought 'emotional support alpacas' to the court in Virginia where the trial is taking place and have made thousands of fan videos that mostly criticise Heard.

One of the biggest elements of the case that they are truly in love with is Depp's lawyer Camille Vazquez and her uncanny ability to say 'objection' at the drop of a hat.

Now, its not for us to comment on who and who shouldn't be idolised by people but maybe the lawyer of a famous celebrity is perhaps pushing the envelope a little bit, especially when people start getting tattoos of that person.

But that's exactly what tatooist and TikTok user Jazzmyn Wollfe (@tattooedingenue) has done, who has gone viral after giving herself a tattoo on her leg of Vazquez.


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In the clip, which has been viewed more 900,000 times, Wollfe's text overlay says "gave myself a Camille Vazquez tattoo." The design features an illustration of the lawyer with the word "objection" underneath.

While the tattoo is clear just a bit of fun, the design has sparked a debate with many people thinking that this isn't the sort of incident that people should be branding on their bodies.

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One person wrote: "this isn't the slay millennial girlboss moment you thought it was."

Another added: "*watching a domestic violence case* AH clearly I should make a mockery out of it and get a tattoo of it."

A third said: "No you didn't. Oh god you did."

The tattoo has also made its way onto Twitter where it has been called "absolutely unhinged."

In response to the criticism, Wollfe wrote: "For all the negative nancys: I explained what it represents in the comments - it holds meaning for me and even if it didn't - it's my body, and it has zero effect on you lol."

The defamation trial came to an end on Thursday, with the jury still yet to give their verdict.

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