Katy Perry’s new concert features a giant toilet and singing poo

Katy Perry’s new concert features a giant toilet and singing poo

Katy Perry kicked off her £125 million hotly-anticipated Las Vegas residency in the most eccentric way possible – with a giant orange toilet and a singing poo.

The pop icon took to stage at the Resorts World Theatre in Vegas on Wednesday (29 December). She showcased her classic hits during a psychedelic production, dressed in extravagant, cartoonish outfits.

While there was a lot to keep up with, one specific moment stopped Perry fans in their tracks.

It wasn’t her ‘lactating’ a pint of beer from her breasts, nor was it her bizarre interaction with a talking Covid face mask. No, it was her rendition of her chart-topping hit, California Girls, where the 37-year-old star twerked on a stockpiled stack of toilet paper.

And just as you thought it couldn’t get any more strange, the performance was complete with a cameo from a puppet poo with a gold tooth – who pops out of the toilet and sings along the ad-lib next to the singer.

Don’t believe it? Watch it here for yourself:

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Twitter found it impossible to turn a blind eye to such a scenario – and naturally, had a field trip.

One called it the “one of the best things [they’ve] seen all year.”

“Okay I’m sorry but Katy Perry twerking on giant rolls of toilet paper aside a Mr. Poo inside an orange porcelain throne going ape shit on vocals is one of the best things I’ve seen all year,” they said.

Another added: “Katy Perry climbing giant toilet rolls to sing to a giant poo wasn’t something I thought I’d see on here until at least 2024.”

While one Twitter user highlighted that it kind of epitomises the past 12 months: “2021 has been an absolutely batshit crazy year so it only makes sense that it closes with katy perry dancing to california gurls next to a giant toilet accompanied by a human dressed as a poo.”

What a way to round off 2021.

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