<p>'Sink that island': Americans roast photo of mushy peas and chips served at UK football match</p>

'Sink that island': Americans roast photo of mushy peas and chips served at UK football match


What are your thoughts on British food? To people overseas, traditional snacks enjoyed by those in the UK can look a bit odd to everyone else in comparison.

So when a man shared an image of “mushy peas, chips, and gravy” online that admittedly looks less than appetizing, people shared their thoughts.

And the average American didn’t hold back from roasting the whole country altogether.

The original poster @CTRI9123 shared the photo on their Twitter page after attending a football match.

With more than 9.3K quote retweets, let’s just say it sparked quite a bit of a debate online.

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While people from all over joined in to mock the British snack, British people defended the food combination and hit back with their own insults to commenter’s respective countries.

“The UK eats food like the Germans are still flying overhead,” wrote one disgusted person.

One American said, “I’m sure glad we won back in 1776. I wouldn’t be able to stomach this or soccer.”

Another person joked, “Ouu i know European be constipated 24/7.”

“Just sink the fucking island bro I’ve had enough of these cheerio mfs,” one comment read

“Why are you eating like you are still at war with us?” one person asked.

Another asked the important questions: “Are those peas mashed????? Like guacamole?????”

One man decided he ought to defend the food despite the ongoing slander campaign.

He wrote, “I don't get the hate for British food from Americans, who have like 2,000 calories for breakfast, double fry everything, have sugar baked into their bread, and eat more salt in a day than healthy people would eat in a year.”

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