This woman’s story about rescuing an abandoned puppy is the feel good adventure you need right now
Twitter: @TeganG_

This story of Larry the puppy and the brilliant woman that rescued him is melting the hearts of the internet.

You probably don’t need us to tell you that right now the world appears to be very much on fire.

Between Brexit confusion, catastrophe and chaos and the consistently alarming Trump administration good news can be few and far in-between. But every so often something beautiful emerges from the darkness.

And with the, we present: Larry the puppy and his new mum Tegan who live-Tweeted her discovery of the pooch.

Strap yourself in, it’s quite the journey.

Like all great stories, it begins with a cold, desolate road.

So far, pretty standard. And then…


Impromptu take your pooch to work day, anybody?

Puppy Vests need to become an actual thing.

And now for the plot twist...

The human society officers were well aware of Larry and had been searching for him, along with his three other sisters.

Larry was the last one to be found and had spent an entire cold night alone in Northern Wisconsin.

But the reunion was perfect.

Seriously, just look at them.

And then things got even better as Tegan decided she couldn’t leave Larry alone ever again.

So Tegan has been visiting him constantly while he recovers from the trauma of being lost in Wisconsin.

Puppy ears anybody?

But lets not forget all of the brilliant people who worked to give Larry and his sisters some much needed R&R

What a ride.

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