Man quits job after awkward text to boss goes viral

Man quits job after awkward text to boss goes viral

With hilarious responses to wrong number texts regularly going viral, the promise of internet fame might inspire you to try out a clever response yourself.

But this cautionary tale of one man, his phone and an unimpressed boss might make you reconsider that witty reply. It might just be your boss on the other side of the phone

The disastrous consequences of Cory Hrobowski's reply to an unknown number - who turned out to be his boss - is so beautiful and relatable, it's practically a modern fable.

Warning: It gets a bit a sweary, as is a expected in a situation as awkward as this.

When Cory received a text from an unknown number, the 19-year-old decided to have some fun.

He told BuzzFeed News he assumed the text was from "a random girl" as he often doesn't save numbers. Irritated with being told what to do, he responded:

It backfired. Rapidly.

As is traditional in times of trouble, Cory asked everyone on Twitter how he should respond.

Most people on Twitter pointed out that there is no good way to solve this.

Though some people came up with some creative ideas...

Cory ended up not responding. For obvious reasons.

Soon enough, Cory gave us the update we were all expecting, telling BuzzFeed News he "resigned due to the fact that Twitter blew the situation up".

But, thankfully, Cory seems happy with his decision.

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